A body of work loaded with questions about life and loss.

Alouette was exhibited at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, California.

Found Objects


Alouette is constructed from the negative space around a pattern for a small girl’s jumper. When I sewed all of the edges together, the resulting form looked bird-like, and I decided this must be the plucked lark from the song Alouette. 60" x 94".

Home Sick

Home Sick (2004) is modeled after a cloth playhouse I had as a child, but is constructed from erosion cloth. The mask inside is used for radiation treatment for cancer. Lit from within, the shadows of the piece extend its net weave throughout the whole room. 60" x 36" x 36".


Between (2004) is a rubber duck caught in a Slinky™ stretched between a bird cage and a fish tank. She both swims and flies, but either direction leads her into a trap.

Potty Training (2004).
My take on war and peace. 20" x 12" x 12".

Up & Down (2004) was made with my daughter’s toddler toothbrush, the bristles replaced with feather down. Sometimes simple repetitive acts like tooth brushing can help to soothe the ups and downs of life.

The Cow Jumped Over The Moon (2004). Twister dots on cow hide. You figure it out.

Eye Candy (2005). Not in the show but along the same lines, Eye Candy was inspired by a haircut I gave my daughter while she refused to let go of a lollypop. To quote her directly: “Because there’s bubbles on top, I feel my armpits, and that’s why I’m a clown.” The “lollypops” here are made with a silk cocoon and moth, playdough, dryer lint, dirt and wasp, hair.

Works on Paper

Works on Paper

Drawings, watercolours and collages.


Found Objects

Manipulations and transformations.

Out of the Box


Public art, dance sets, play with kids.